Fashion A to Z: C is for COLOR

COLOR (or COLOUR, in The U.K. and Canada), sounds simple. Everyone has a favorite COLOR. But that does not mean that you should wear it all the time. The point of COLOR is that you wear the correct hue, the correct shade. COLOR reacts with other colors, so one has to take many things into account: skin tone, hair color, how different fabrics bring out a COLOR in different ways as well as iconic references that a COLOR may call to mind. Wear ‘that’ shade of yellow, you risk looking like Big Bird. Wear just the right shade of orange-red from head to toe, and look like a tomato. This season is an excellent time to start playing with COLOR. There are not only a myriad of colors to choose from, but there are a myriad of shades and hues. So the next time you reach for a COLOR, don’t just respond by choosing your ‘favorite’ one from childhood, consider ones that you haven’t tried before, but most importantly, pick the correct shade for you.

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