Eric Himel on Style, Places to Shop

About six years ago, Eric Himel found himself lost in a sea of pseudo-stylists on the West Coast. So, Himel did something different—he moved to the decidely less fashion-obsessed Chicago.

But if anyone can put the chic in Chicago, it’s Himel. Today, besides styling private clients and conducting his signature “Closet Purge” service, Himel is a fashion contributor for Windy City LIVE!, and works with Giuliana and Bill Rancic (he’s also set to appear on a few episodes of their show this season). And on April 15, Himel will be the style expert at Bright Pink’s Fab-Fest in Chicago, an annual fundraising event for prevention and early detection of breast cancer.

Here, Himel talks his expert subject—style—and spills on some of his favorite places to shop in the city.

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