Finding the Right Pair of Jeans

Get that booty in the right-fitting jeans for fall

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a daunting affair. With a million brands and styles on the market, who’s to know what kind is best for you?

Stylist and Fashion Expert Eric Himel shares his knowledge on how to pick out the perfect denim for your body type. But first thing you need to do is take a deep breath, he says.

“The only thing worse than buying jeans is buying a bathing suit!” Himel says.

Here’s how to pick the best denim for your type:

Attack of the ’80s Jeans
Attack of the ’80s Jeans

Attack of the ’80s Jeans

PHOTOS: Glamorama 2010
PHOTOS: Glamorama 2010

PHOTOS: Glamorama 2010

Good Jeans are in the DNA
Good Jeans are in the DNA

Good Jeans are in the DNA

The Trend: Cigarette
Who should be wearing them: The Cigarette jean is a not-as-skinny version of ‘Skinny’ jeans and can elongate the leg. But beware; if you have saddle bags or a pear-shaped figure, this look is a no-no, Himel says.

The Trend: Boot Cut
Who should be wearing them: A variety of sizes, from taller girls to petite and round, can get away with this look because it’s flattering. Himel says to update the boot cut look (which is a little dated), try a ‘slight’ boot for a more subtle effect.

The Trend: Cropped
Who should be wearing them: While cropped can end up looking more “cutesy” than sexy, it can be a good look. Himel says to pair them with a high wedge to sex them up and make sure that they hit at the perfect place on the leg; it can always be shortened. Who shouldn’t wear them? Petite girls; the cropped look cuts off the leg, making legs look even shorter.

The Trend: Straight
Best for: For girls with hips and butt, the straight leg is an excellent choice. “This is a great standard for ‘Real’ women who have thighs, hips and a butt,” Himel says. And when choosing a size, buy jeans that fit snug. Himel says they ALWAYS stretch out as the day progresses. “You don’t want ‘S.B.S’ – Saggy Booty Syndrome!”

The Trend: Skinny
Best for: Skinny minnies or taller ladies. The skinny look is hard to pull off, but the good thing is that it’s very versatile. Leave the jeans a little bit longer for a scrunched look at the bottom, Himel says. The look can be dressed up or dressed down easily. “They go with flats, wedges heels, sandals, booties and tucked into high boots,” Himel says. To elongate legs, wear a heel with skinny jeans, and make sure that jeans have a bit of stretch in them (Spandex), Himel says. “They will feel more comfortable and they will fit better.”

The Trend: Wide Leg
Best For: “Women with a badunkadunk and hips!” Himel says. “These definitely need to fit very well to work. They need to flare out at the right place on the leg as to not emulate Saturday night Fever,” he says. But if you get the perfect fit, they can be head-turners!

The Trend: High-Waisted
Best for: According to Himel, no one. “Maybe, Carmen Electra can get away with them,” he says. Enough said. “Those famous ‘Mom Jeans’ that Jessica Simpson wore were not actually Mom Jeans, but ‘High-Waisted’ jeans.” This style is very difficult to wear and is not for the faint-of-heart, he says. They are trendy and highly-stylized and you need a ‘perfect’ body, not to mention the perfect proportions, to pull them off.

The Trend: Mid-Rise
Best for: Those with body issues and a tummy in the mid-section. “The days of the ultra-low rise (i.e. – you can see my g-string) are O-V-E-R. Period,” Himel stresses. If you have body issues in the mid-section, stick with a mid-rise, it’ll work wonders and help conceal any belly bulge.

The Trend: Boyfriend Jeans
Best for: Those who are not trying to show off their figure. Himel says this look is not his favorite. Why? That shipped has sailed, and should have never even docked,” he says. “They make you look wide and square. Need I say?”

No matter what kind you end up going for, give yourself adequate time. Jeans shopping is not something you can rush in and get done in 20 minutes. “Be patient and try on A LOT!” Himel says. “Once you find your style that is totally flattering, buy multiple pairs in different washes so you have plenty of back-up pairs.”

Kim Peiffer is the founder of The Glow List, an online magazine dedicated to fitness, beauty, diet, spa and travel.


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