How to Look — and Stay — Hot This Winter

Stylist Eric Himel divulges warm-weather style secrets

Baby, it’s cold outside. And windy. And all-around wintry. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look fab, now does it?

Stylist Eric Himel shows us how to dress for the Antarctic without looking like a giant marshmallow.

What are some key warm weather pieces that we can incorporate into our wardrobes?

Obviously, there are cold-weather basics that are constants. The key is, how do I look fashionable in the process? Invest in a good coat. Classic, yet not boring is de rigueur. Down or shearling are the warmest. But, there are down coats that are feather-weight and shearling that are no longer bulky. My faves are Moncler for down and Burberry for shearling. Expensive, yes, but an investment for sure [because they are] well-made and equal parts function AND style. You will own these for years. Also, don’t automatically reach for black. It is equivalent to everyone who travels with the same black roller suitcase. Boring!

How can we dress warm without looking like a complete fashion disaster?

Two easy ways; stylish, warm boots and good accessories. There are so many fashionable choices in winter boots now that keep your feet dry and warm. Gone are the days of the sheepskin Uggs. They have SO many different styles that don’t even look like Uggs, and they are experts in making stylish boots that are actually functional too! Sorel boots used to be very ‘Fargo,’ but they now design fashionable styles that are very functional. Pick edgier looking over utilitarian looking and don’t automatically reach for black because it’s easy.

What’s the best stay-warm outfit for trolling around the city on a Saturday afternoon? What about a night out?

Saturday Afternoon: Thin-wale corduroy pants in a sandy/taupe/beige color, cream colored wedge down-filled boots, waterproof wedge boots, a long and lean chunky cream-colored sweater and a cream-colored down jacket, topped with a white knit hat with a mink pom-pom! Very chic, yet, cozy! And creams and beiges always compliment the snow.

Night out: A black turtleneck or cowl-neck sweater dress over burgundy cashmere tights, black suede wedge booties, a black shearling motorcycle-style jacket and a cashmere beret!

How do you master the puffy coat while still looking chic?

Belt, belt, belt! You must be in control of the shape! If it doesn’t come with a belt, get a utilitarian looking suede or leather one with a metal buckle. It should be about 2 1/2″ wide. Also, the lighter the down-filled, the more streamline it will look on you! If you are on the shorter side, the coat should fall just below the knee. Down coats can be altered.

What about hat options? Are there any rules for wearing hats?

Yes — don’t emulate Cindy-Lou Hoo from ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ or Elmer Fudd. Think ‘chic’ and not ‘cute’. Pom-poms are fine, but pick a fur or faux-fur one with a solid bottom. Save hats with sports teams logos for actual sporting events. Channel Elizabeth Taylor skiing on the slopes of Gstadd. Or better yes, get a chic pair of white mink earmuffs — the color white always brightens up the face.

Who do you think really gets the ski bunny look right in the celebrity world?

Kate Hudson always looks adorable when skiing in Aspen. But she has had many years of practice going there with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell who have had a place there for years.

Kim Peiffer is the founder of The Glow List, an online magazine dedicated to fitness, beauty, diet, spa and travel.