Packing Heat

The honeymoon… It’s perhaps the part of all this wedding craziness that you’ve looked forward to the most, a relaxing trip somewhere fabulous with your newly anointed husband in tow. Ah, if life were only that simple. The reality goes a bit more like this: You’ve reached the finish line of matrimonial frenzy and you now find yourself worrying about the liters of liquid allowed in your suitcase.

Enter Eric Himel. The incredibly likable stylist, whose clients include some supremely chic Chicagoans, offers packing services to brides, enabling them the luxury of sitting back and enjoying a mani-pedi while he packs, organizes (think label maker) and plans (weather reports, anyone?) your suitcase down to the unmentionables. If the service seems a little extravagant, Himel has a rebuttal: “You only get married once, you’re already spending money and by this point you are exhausted.” Touché.