Spring Fashion with Stylist Eric Himel

The current fashion contributor for Windy City LIVE! gives us his top trends for this spring season.

1. Gladiator sandals: These take the old gladiator sandal craze to new heights, literally; the boot version exudes toughness and power.

2. Tribal looks: Get back to your roots with tribal motifs and wild patterns. The look’s complimentary jewelry is a great alternative to more serious precious gems.

3. Abstract prints: Be expressive without the trappings of patterns such as polka dots, plaids, and stripes.

4. Ladylike silhouettes: Springtime’s light fabrics, pretty heels and feminine silhouettes are a welcome change from the über-sexiness monopolizing the last few seasons.

5. Floral patterns: Although florals aren’t uncommon for spring, this time around they are big and color-saturated–even bolder when worn head to toe.

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